Crew Insurance Services

Crew Insurance Services

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Keep your Yacht Crew Insured and Protected From Zika Virus

The Zika Virus has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. The virus spreads rapidly and affects hundreds of people across the globe. Reports suggest that the virus can cause devastating birth defects in babies and mothers who are infected during their pregnancy.

Protect Yourself From Zika Virus

Undoubtedly, it’s important to stay protected, especially when traveling (even if you are not traveling to the affected regions) across the globe. Some things which you can do to prevent mosquito bites include -

  • Long sleeved shirts, long skirts, and pants are recommended which means maximum skin coverage.
  • Use window and door screens, keep the air-conditioning on to keep the deadly mosquitoes out.
  • Sleep under a mosquito bed net
  • Use special insect and mosquito repellents which are approved by health authorities.
  • Apply mosquito repellents as needs, as per instructions

Travelers, who return from places where the virus is spread, should take adequate steps, to prevent mosquito bites for at least three weeks so that they do not spread Zika to mosquitoes, which can spread the virus to others.

Crew Medical Insurance Plans

Every year, millions of people travel outside their home. If you believe your crew members have medical insurance at home and they do not need additional coverage, you should know that this kind of insurance does not cover them wherever they go. The domestic health insurance plans offer very little coverage and when traveling outside the home country, you need to have a proper international travel insurance policy which will keep you protected from all unexpected illnesses and accidents. 

For insurance quotes and information, please go to:

Just as travelers need special insurance coverage, similarly crew members of luxury mega yachts need special insurance coverage. International crew members need special coverage to keep out of pocket expenses at minimum. As an initiative to cover the treatment costs and medication with insurance protection, offers a variety of medical and travel insurance plans especially for luxury super yacht crew. Global crew health insurance is provided by leading insurance providers and underwriters from the US and Europe.
Crew medical insurance is of utmost importance when traveling, otherwise, your crew is totally unprotected when on foreign soil or water. In such a scenario where several regions, are threatened by the Zika virus, it is time to think about getting global crew health coverage by signing up for the most suitable crew insurance policy.

Professional yacht crew needs dependable coverage worldwide, which is just designed for their lifestyle. If you select a group major medical plans, it should cover all crew members while working on the yacht AND during their leisure time. This group plan is quite beneficial as it is primary to the vessel’s Protection and Indemnity Insurance and it covers illnesses and accidents,

So, what are your options? There are many affordable crew insurance policies offered by our company that take care of all such needs. You can select from different plans and options which include individual health insurance and group health insurance plans. Group plans are quite affordable and convenient to administer. If crew members change the yacht, new members can be easily added to the group plan. All old crew members who are no longer part of the yacht can be easily taken off. The member who has left the yacht can apply for an individual crew medical plan,

Get in touch with Maria Karlsson at and learn more about how you can stay covered or to know more about insurance plans.

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